botanical gardens 093

Anticipation. How sweet the anticipation of seeing a lotus bud starting to open up. As I am anticipating our migration to our summer home in Michigan, I am working hard to keep the anticipation sweet and exciting. Fear of the cold, damp, grey weather creeps in but I push it away as winds push away storm clouds. I can cope with the bad body days of early spring if I focus on all that I love about being in Michigan.

13 thoughts on “Anticipation

    • We are on the road right now, and I am thinking about the types of things to photograph there that I don’t have in Florida. I’m ready and excited. 🙂


    • Thanks, I know it will, especially after the fickle spring weather is past. “Fickle Spring” sounds like a good topic for a poem (you) and a photography post (me). I hope your relocation blues will ease so joy and peace can return to you, also.


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