Word a Week: Sign

The word Sue has put in our ear this week is Sign. I have been known to photograph a sign or two when I am out – looking for those that seem to reflect the personality of where I’m at. Here are some from the Corkscrew Conservatory and the Everglades National Preserve in southeast Florida.

Corkscrew 026

Snakes and alligators are common.

Corkscrew 032

morning everglades 088

What kind of stupid goes off-trail in the everglades?

I am intrigued by how the signs I live with at my northern home are so banal, so common. When I travel to somewhere new, the signs show me new dangers, new ways of living within the culture of the area.

To see more signs that may seem unusual to you, visit Sue at:


6 thoughts on “Word a Week: Sign

  1. Thanks for including the link Pat! Love your signs. When I was in the Nederland’s they actually built a bridge ( and a sign in Dutch) so the animals could cross over the read. I wish I had taken a photo!


  2. Hmm…I would imagine that there is a good reason for those signs…people go off the trail…wonder what they’d do if the sign read “beware of gators!”. 🙂


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