Travel Theme: Misty

morning everglades 040

Friend Julie is visiting and this morning we got up early so we could be on the road well before dawn. We wanted to get to the Everglades to see the sun rise over the grasslands, and maybe see some mist rising from the water. We stopped along the side of U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) to watched the sun rise as we listened to the birds sing and were lifted on the cool breeze. And there was mist rising.

Some of the grass is a reddish-gold color and the rising sun made it glow. This was a beautiful contrast to the white mist and the silhouetted palms and Florida pines. When we finished taking our photographs, we lingered because we knew our photos wouldn’t portray the whole experience. We wanted our souls to soak up the fleeting moments of early morning so it would always be a part of us.

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Travel theme: Misty

19 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Misty

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  2. A lovely image. I am partial to images that ask questions, even if the the question is, “why did she bother to photograph this particular view?” The question begs the viewer, me at least, to look a little closer, to stop for a moment and put myself in your shoes, and if that happens the photograph is successful. The trick is to avoid the banal, and I think you’ve managed that in this image.


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