Emily’s Quilt

Granddaughter Emily turned 13 last August 2 and it was time for me to make her a quilt. She came to stay at our house so she could participate in the decision making process of beginning a quilt. She picked out the pattern she wanted me to use and we went to the quilt shop extraordinaire in East Lansing so she could pick out the fabric.

She has a really good eye for color and pattern and the only thing that stopped us from picking out a truckload of fabrics was the depth of my pockets. We had such a good time that after we went home and started cutting the strips and sewing together a few squares to see how they looked, we stopped for a few more pieces on our way to return her to her parents.

quilt 003

It was soon time for Grandpa Jim and I to do our snow-bird thing so I packed up the fabric and my sewing machine. My goal was to get the top finished before I returned in the Spring so Emily would have her quilt before her 14th birthday. We are two weeks away from that northern migration.

Dear Emily,

Hi sweetheart – I am missing you so much but have been thinking of you (and your sisters) a lot because I have had your quilt fabrics on my dining table for most of the winter. I have been working on it only off and on because the going was slow – and this log cabin pattern is a bit more complicated than I expected. But last week I reached a point where I was almost finished with the squares and now I’m on a roll.

I think it is going to be every bit as beautiful as what we visualized and talked about when we were picking out the fabric. I wasn’t sure I would be able to figure out how to lay out the pieces for a twin size quilt because the pattern was for a wall hanging. It turned out to be easy and I am now changing a few outside strips to have less lime green and sewing the squares together.

hidrangea 035

Here is a sneak preview of the squares laid out on our spare bed. Can you see how the different widths of the log cabin strips, when sewn together, create the curvy waves you like in the pattern you chose? I think your decision of having a border of the dotted fabric (the one we used for the center square) will be smashing. I’m wondering if a narrow black strip (maybe 1 inch) between the quilt top and the border would look good. What do you think? We can lay it out when you come for Easter.

I am sending you and your sisters big hugs to hold us for three more weeks.

Love, love, love and more love,

Grandma Pat

26 thoughts on “Emily’s Quilt

    • Thanks – I think so. I just finished sewing the last of the blocks together so we can decide how to finish off the top when Emily visits on Easter.


  1. To think a winter’s worth of love put into this. How lovely. My mother-in-law use to quilt and each of her nine kids have several quilts she made. It’s so nice when I go to my own kids’ homes and see her quilts on their beds. Truly a timeless legacy.


  2. I think that the black strip would look cool and I cant wait to see it. It looks so cool right now and I cant wait to use it for the first time. It already looks so cool and I imagine it will look even cooler once the border is on. I cant wait to see it. I miss you and grandpa a lot (so do my sister), cant wait to see you at Easter. -Emily


  3. fabulous vibrant colours, what a strong girl Emily is! How wonderful to make this quilt for her, with her participation in the project … I would love to do this with my older granddaughter too, you are an inspiration Pat!


    • I strongly urge you to do it. I have grandsons in their twenties and did it for them when they were 12-13. One didn’t want to participate but has used the quilt continually. The other picked out the fabric with very little assistance from me – choosing neon colors.


    • Thanks, Lisa. She nailed it – and all I provided was technical assistance in explaining pattern and texture and how to arrange them on the cart so she could pick out ones that didn’t work.


  4. Love, love, and MORE love of this! Those colors just jumped out and grabbed my eyeballs, and fastened them down hard on that quilt top. I could look at it for hours, and I know your granddaughter will be doing that!


    • Thanks for your affirming comment, Judy. She is developing into a very sensitive young woman with wonderful values so I know she will treasure it as a reminder of our relationship. It is a very special quilt for me because I learned so much more about her through our collaboration.


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