Time of Reflection: Peace

Corkscrew 081
From where do you come
where can I find you
desired Peace?
Can I find you in a garden, on a crowded street
in the gentle touch from someone who loves
reassuring words or silence?
Sometimes you elude me
slip from my heart
get lost in the fireworks of my brain
are absent from every cell.
Is it me who evades you
allowing chaos
believing falsehoods
creating disturbance
courting greed
yearning for fame
lost in the din?
From where do you come
how do I find you
sought after Peace?
Do I change my thinking, retrain my brain
slow my body with gentle deep breaths
hear the voice of Life?

11 thoughts on “Time of Reflection: Peace

  1. Enjoyed reading your poem, it certainly describes a life I’m familiar with. Beautiful photo, would like to be there. 🙂


    • Thanks – and this is a beautiful part of the world. The photo was taken at Corkscrew Wildlife Preserve and it is on the edge of the Everglades.


    • Thanks, Steven. That means a lot to me seeing I don’t consider myself a poet – sometimes verse just seems to be the best way to express what I am thinking.


    • Thanks. It is a pretty small side of me (how sweet to say that anything about my body is small :D). I have never taken a poetry class and only recently started reading some. We shall see where it goes and I really appreciate your encouraging words.


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