Inside (and out)

barns 099

For this week’s photo challenge of “Inside,” I had to go back in time (last summer), and transport myself about 1,350 miles north (Michigan). We can almost see inside the door, could walk inside through the door, and can see that a portion of the outside of this barn was once inside another structure that was attached to the barn. A part of the character of all things aging is how we can see evidence of change over time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the inside scoop.

For more interpretations of inside, please click on this link:

27 thoughts on “Inside (and out)

    • Thanks, Lisa. I have enjoyed the geometry of this one but hadn’t posted it yet. I was excited when I realized I could use it for this challenge.


    • Thanks. There aren’t old barns where we live for the winter so I periodically look at my files from the summer to see barns. I am looking forward to traveling the back dirt roads of Michigan to refresh my files with some new barns.


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