Art at the Botanical

The botanical garden I frequent brings in sculptures each winter and they add so much to the landscaping. Last year they hosted a traveling exhibit of stone sculptures done by African artists that were very impressive. This year’s exhibit is much more whimsical and is drawing a lot of families with small children.

I wonder if the person who built these told his mother that he wanted to grow up to be a Lego artist.

10 thoughts on “Art at the Botanical

  1. I have a six-year old at home and so Legoland is a frequent destination (sometimes I think too frequent!). Apparently, they use computer software to design these gigantic sculpture, which breaks components down and produces a guide to building. Even then, some of things they come up with are just awesome!


    • That is interesting and makes a lot of sense. The bison looked to be life-size or close to it. The hummingbird feeding at the flower was structurally impressive. Thanks for giving me the scope – when we had kids they were just coming out with the kits for special items.


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