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Our trip to the northern West Coast created some amazing memories, among them the rain forests and the redwoods. I love walking down paths, among the trees, smelling the mustiness and moisture, watching the light sparkle and dance. I carried a misconception into the forests that logging cleared the land, leaving a barren waste. I left with new knowledge that logging is done with discretion, thinning out to make an opportunity for a stronger forest.

There is evidence of earlier logging that took the centuries-old trees. With current logging, will any of trees that are left standing be allowed to grow to the wondrous size of the “virgin growth” that was originally found on this land?

rainforest 074

There was a lot of evidence of logging, not on barren hills but on the roads. I gave these monsters lots of room and pulled over to let them pass whenever they appeared behind me. I was a bit unnerved when I was leading them down hills and around curves.

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12 thoughts on “Transport

  1. nice point about how they clear trees to open up the forests a bit – and nice post for the transportation theme – I am still thinking about my entryโ€ฆ. (and by the way, the redwoods are so coolโ€ฆ.)


    • Yes, I think the redwoods are cool, too. Sometimes it takes me a long time to find the right post – but this one came pretty quickly. Thanks for the visit, y.


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