Unique Homes

Jake has challenged us to show examples of unique homes. Sometimes a home is unique only because I am not familiar with the style but it is very common within its context. Other times, a home is unique within its context. This is the summer home for families who take their herds up to the mountain pastures to graze at Son Kul, Kyrgyzstan. We stopped at this home because our guide had been told they were milking their mares. It is the end of April and it is snowing.


Here is a post on our breakfast bed and breakfast:  https://imissmetoo.me/2012/07/02/our-bed-breakfast-yurt/

For more photos of unique homes you can visit Jake here:


6 thoughts on “Unique Homes

    • Yes it is, Cindy. My daughter and I spent a night in one and ate meals with the family in their personal Yurt. You can see several post on my blog under Kyrgyzstan.


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