Beauty Thru My Lens: Alligator Alley

I-75 turns east at Naples and then goes to Ft. Lauderdale on the east coast of Florida. It goes through the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean. This stretch of I-75 is called Alligator Alley and there isn’t much along that stretch – except alligators.

We don’t take that road when we want to visit the Everglades because US-41 is closer to our doorstep. But when we go into the Everglades on 41, we see alligators.

J thinks I’m reckless because I occasionally jump out of the car to take a gator photo. I did for this one because he is such a beauty and he was right there on the side of the road – there were a lot of them sunning but I didn’t tempt them all. Just this one – and I kept my door open and our vehicle between me and the gator. I leaned around the corner because I know they can run fast on land – even though they look sluggish and docile. I don’t run very fast so I have to use my brains instead.

Everglades 093

I wasn’t taken in by his smile.

We stopped at an information area that had a boardwalk along a canal where alligators like to sun themselves. With my telephoto lens I was able to take these photos of their amazing feet.

everglades 135 everglades 138

Don’t tell J, but I have an intense desire to reach out and touch them. I also have an abundance of common sense.

You can see a couple of juvenile gators here.

24 thoughts on “Beauty Thru My Lens: Alligator Alley

  1. Looks like you could shake his hand ( paw, craw, feet ) You must have some amazing equipment and are quick on your feet !


    • Actually I have one telephoto lens and one 50 mm lens I use. With these guys I could take all the time I wanted. They were enjoying the warmth of the sun and seemed to have no intentions of leaving until the sun went down. We were on a boardwalk overlooking the canal they were in.


    • I haven’t gone on it but 41 will look the same because they are fairly close. There is a look-out tower and trail that is on Alligator Alley that I want to go to.


    • Thanks for the belly laugh. Can’t you just see my rolling in the mud. I think I missed my calling – on tax forms under occupation I can list professor and alligator wrestler. That should get their attention.


    • I had never examined an alligator foot before and found them fascinating. πŸ™‚ Beautiful in a strange kind of way. Thanks for your continued support, Naomi. It means a lot to me.


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