A Different Kind of Valentine Love

The Bardo Group has invited all writers, poets, artists, photographers, musicians and other creatives to join them in a Valentine’s Day event, Bloggers in Planet Love. My work isn’t on the same level of the creative work of this great group but I am a blogger who loves this planet of ours and especially love capturing its beauty through photography. I am also in a love relationship that has been nurtured and grown for over 50 years.

old naples 087

J and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day – we don’t have to have a special day to show our love for each other. That happens every day because our love isn’t built on the gifts we give each other but on the respect we show and our enjoyment of each other. Besides we would prefer to support our relationship instead of participating in a meaningless consumerism that doesn’t support our healthy lifestyle or a healthy environment.

old naples 094

I find it irksome that this “holiday” was created for commercial reasons and hyped so strongly that people feel guilty if they don’t buy something for their sweetheart. The advertising must get to J because he starts asking me if I would like flowers or candy or jewelry a few weeks before these commercial holidays. I don’t like seeing him stressed because he feels he should buy something I don’t need. All I need is for him to make me laugh when things get tense, hold me when I need to cry, help me solve problems when life gets dicey, share in the work of living, and be a gentle, passionate lover.

old naples 090

J does all of this already and is the reason why I love him so much. But there is one more characteristics I love, his caring for the environment. We believe the scientific reports that our planet is in trouble but we feel helpless in solving the problem. It is a big problem that is mostly beyond our control but we aren’t putting our heads in the sand and we do small things like recycle and reduce our use of energy resources. We also pay attention to what politicians say about environmental issues so we can factor this into our voting decisions.

old naples 009

As I publish this post, I can smile because of the love that continues to bloom in my relationship with J and the beauty of these flowers that are growing in my dot on this planet. Both relationships and our planet need to be protected if we want to continue to enjoy the healing grace that comes from them. My next step in responsible citizenship is to expand my thinking about how my purchasing choices (and disposal of not-needed items) impacts other dots on our planet.

23 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Valentine Love

  1. Such gorgeous photos! And I agree with what others have mentioned, too, that your post really goes to the heart of what Love is all about. You are so right that both relationships and the planet need to be nourished and protected. Thank you very much for enriching the theme with your beautiful words and pictures! 🙂 And congrats on living the reality of loving.


  2. Reblogged this on THE BARDO GROUP and commented:
    This evening we share one of Pat’s posts. It is the post she linked with ours for our “Bloggers in Planet Love” event … Pat’s philosophy is right in live with ours and with the reason we chose to celebrate our love of Mother Earth rather than romantic love for or of another person. Bravo, Pat. Thanks for participating and thanks to the others who linked in and supported the event. If you haven’t linked in and want to, remember you still have two more days to do so. Just go back to the Bardo post for the 14th and clink on Mister Linky at the bottom of the post … and do read Corina’s fine piece, visit Pat (the photographs are gorgeous), and visit other participants as well. J.D.


  3. This is such a rich post, Pat, and such a delight to read and to enjoy the lovely flower photos, which are in themselves a song of praise for this Earth of ours. I agree with your sentiments regarding consumerism and the environment. I am heartened by the pragmatic and loving expression between you and J. I feel the same about the commercialization of love and that’s why we celebrated Valentine’s Day as a gift of love to the planet rather than something about seeing ourselves reflected back in the eyes of another.

    As for the idea of not being as good as those of us involved in Bardo, it’s just not true. You are an excellent photographer and writer and express the highest values in your work. You are appreciated, Pat, and so is your work. Thanks for participating our event.

    Warmest regards,


    • Thank you for your very kind words, Jamie. I enjoyed doing this post and appreciate the opportunity to participate in something that is so important. I hope your group will sponsor another open event soon.


  4. You say your work isn’t on the same level as the Bardo Group … well, if you truly think that and are not just being modest, I can tell you that you’re wrong! You have produced here some excellent quality photos and, if you grow your own subjects, I’d say that you are probably an excellent gardener too. Above all else – and I consider myself to be a pretty critical pedant of an editor (though not so good at self editing) – I consider this blog post not only to be well written, but also very articulate in its expression of your love and concern for this planet, not to mention your J. It was a positive pleasure to read, Pat, and I mean that. Thank you for contributing to this special Bardo mission.


    • Wow, thank you. I have done a LOT of technical writing but I have never taken a writing course so I’m afraid to call myself a writer. I do love reading writing manuals – but that only makes me somewhat of a writing geek. 😀 I love photography but have never taken a photography course. I do love reading books on photography – does that make me a photography geek? I really appreciate your very kind words – they brought tears to my eyes. You sound very sincere and they seem to be spoken with sincerity. I think I better take them into my being and enlarge my definition of myself. Thank you.


  5. We have 54 years together and the Valentine’s Day has no response in our hearts. In our prior life there was the official International Women’s Day. You can party any day but love is with us every day.


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