Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

Here is a charming house we found in Old Naples. Not much is old in Old Naples because “Old” just denotes that it is older than the rest of the city that has built up over the past 50 years or less. I think I chose this photo because I like lingering over it.

old naples 097

11 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

  1. This house is gorgeous, as is your composition. I am a Naples snowbird with a daily photo blog. On occasion I show a “cottage” in Naples. Looks like I need to seek this one out.


  2. Fabulous house! I’m finding myself lingering over it as well! What I’d really love is for the owners to invite me inside so I can see what more wondrous things it holds behind that door. Perhaps we would linger over a cup of tea??? 😉


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