My Dot on the Map: Old Naples Architecture

I was exploring some posts in my Reader and found LuAnn’s post ( at Paint Your Landscape) on visiting Naples. Hearing her description of Naples stimulated my curiosity about some of my old posts about this place that people call paradise so I went back for a look-see. I realized that I have been having so much fun at the Botanical Garden that I have forgotten all that is so beautiful in other parts of my down-south Dot on the Map. Here is one of my favorite posts on Naples from last year – that comes with a promise to start spending time walking the streets of Naples with camera around my neck.

In my post about Third Street South and The Palm Cottage, I told you a little bit about Old Naples; that part of the city that has been around longest before everything built up towards the east and north. South and west of Old Naples is water. In this post I am focusing on the homes around Third Street South in Old Naples.

I tried to collect a collage of images that portray the beauty and personality of this area. There are a few small cottages that have not been kept up over the years but most of the homes are very well landscaped and maintained. This is very expensive real estate and the homes stay in families through generations. Some have been sold off and very (read very) large homes built with guest cottages bigger than the original home. These are mostly along the gulf and I didn’t photograph them (probably because they aren’t my style). Some cottages have been torn down and small condominiums built – maintaining the atmosphere of the neighborhood. There is an ordinance in the city of Naples that buildings can’t be over three stories tall. This helps the town keep it’s small-town feeling.

I also tried to protect the privacy of these people – except when I went snooping down alleys. This part of Naples is three blocks from the gulf beach and next to the restaurants and shops of Thirds Street South. You can enjoy the detail of each image in a slide show by clicking on any photo.

19 thoughts on “My Dot on the Map: Old Naples Architecture

    • This is Naples Florida. 🙂 A baby of a city compared to “the” Naples. It was a tourist destination for rich northerners in the late 1800’s who came to hunt and fish. It started to grow in the late 1920’s with the building of a railroad and a road from the northern cities. This was a part of the Everglades ecosystem (very much a mosquito infested swamp).


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