Floral Friday: Small Subjects

Every time I go into our favorite supermarket, I have to stop to admire the flowers. How naughty of them to tempt me with all those beautiful shapes and colors. The other day I couldn’t resist a very small orchid sitting there wanting a new home.

orchid 011

Today I spent a little time exploring how to use the extension tubes I purchased – not as straight forward as I had thought (hoped) it would be. Definitely need a tripod and good light and a lot of practice. It seems to change all the setting “rules” I have been learning.

As I was going through the photos I took of these small beauties, my mind wandered – as it usually does. This emerging flower, positioned in front of the more mature flower got me thinking of how us older people – and all of us are older than someone else – need to be there to guide and nurture those that are growing up after us.

This is true for me. Not only do I want to be there to help younger people unfold their inner beauty, I also need people to help me. At 70 I am trying to find my way on this trip called aging. I look to those who are older to give me guidance, with stories of both success and failure. I need to know what works as well as what doesn’t work.

What is strange about this nurturing task, is that I don’t want to be told what to do. I need to figure it out for myself because I probably already know how to age – just as the emerging flower in my photo knows what it needs to do. What I really need is encouragement and someone beside me saying good going, Pat. Or sometimes to say ouch that didn’t seem to work; get up and try again. Most of all I need people who love me and know how to laugh along with me over the bumps.

18 thoughts on “Floral Friday: Small Subjects

  1. Flowers in the supermarket not only tempt me, but somehow they just jump into my shopping cart!!

    I really enjoyed reading this post, Pat, and do give yourself some time with the extension tubes. I find that it’s best to set the focus as best you can, and then move the camera in or out to perfect it (instead of using the focus ring). As you probably have found, one tiny move, and poof! there goes your focus.


    • Thanks for confirming what I was finding – focusing has to be done by moving the camera. I think I need to practice when my patience is at its highest. πŸ™‚ I know they will be useful and I am a fast learner so I’m excited.


    • Wow, what a nice compliment. I am having so much fun with my current writing voice – like you, I want to touch people in a way that highlights and respects both our differences and similarities. I hear the same in your writing and photography.


  2. You certainly do not look 70! The orchid is beautiful ! I just bought a blooming Hyacinth to place beside my bed. We all need someone to help and love us and still be independent ! β™₯


  3. Good going, Pat. πŸ™‚
    I think we all need loved ones to help us and laugh with us over the bumps. I can’t think you’re anything but a great companion on this journey of life. I certainly appreciate the bits you share on your blog!


    • Thank you so much, Heather. My husband thinks I’m a good companion – even after all these years. We laugh together a lot – over things we used to get angry or upset about. Life is definitely better.


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