A Hundred Steps

There was a car show in Fort Meyers at the Jet Blue baseball park – where the Boston Red Sox team do their Spring training. J loves car shows and especially swap meets – he needs some parts for a car he needs to fix up. After graciously going places with me, like the Everglades, it was only fair that I go with him.

This is what I saw within the first 100 steps from our car in the parking lot –

cars 005

Elephant Ears always sound sooooo good but luckily we had just had a nice, big, healthy breakfast and I wasn’t hungry. And I didn’t stop at 100 steps either, I had over 4,000 before I left. We both agreed it was a really good show.

cars 103

I enjoyed looking at the cars and especially trying out the new monopod I bought for my camera. I was pleased because it provides a bit more stability than hand-holding a camera, but is also easy to carry around and use in crowded places.

I haven’t been pleased with most photos I previously took of old cars. I approached this as practice and with a journalistic open mind – attempting to show the wide range of cars that were brought and shown off by their owners. As I edited them and asked J to identify his favorites, I realized that I have a whole lot of bias and I like it that way. I was pulled to some cars because they triggered something inside, either from my past or maybe an “excitement” that says it would be fun right now. Here is a gallery of my favorites with comments.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week was to take a photo within 100 steps. I did that but just couldn’t stop myself from walking a few more and taking a few more fun fotos. You can check out more by clicking:


24 thoughts on “A Hundred Steps

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  2. such beautiful old cars! even though today’s may be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, they certainly aren’t made the way those old ones were anymore. thanks for sharing!


  3. Ah, the VW Bug, as you call them in the US…..my first two cars were VW Beetles (as we call them here!)… I love the sound of that air-cooled engine to this day.


    • I grew up down the road from Detroit during the years when we could hardly wait until the new models came out every year. Motown and all that stuff. šŸ™‚ And of course I married a man who lives cars. Thanks, Tom.


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