A Queen’s Wreath

Jake, who is the creative graphic artist over at Jakesprinter, decided it would be nice if we posted some flowers this week. Fine with me – I love flowers and have lots of photos of flowers. My last post was a photo of Queen’s WreathΒ and I promised more. When looking down the supporting trellis walk, it looks so delicate and magical – befitting for a queen’s wreath.

botanical garden 074

I have been working hard to capture the beauty of the place while also showing the delicate nature of the blossoms. This proved to be a challenge because when I photographed the individual flowers I lost the beauty of the flowers hanging together, contrasted against the rock post supporting the trellis. The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.

botanical garden 081

But sometimes we need to see the parts to appreciate the greater whole.

botanical gardens 076

The botanical name is Petrea volubilis – Verbenaceae and it comes from the Caribbean & Mexico.

29 thoughts on “A Queen’s Wreath

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  2. … I can imagine strolling along .. reaching out to touch the profusion of flower laden branches Pat . Do they have a perfume I wonder …


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