Thursday Lingering Look at Windows


I don’t see many windows at my current dot on the map, at least none that are “interesting” – but I keep looking. I decided to go way back to some photos of windows I collected years ago during a tour of Europe. I still enjoy looking at these, not because they are great photos but because they bring back memories. Photos are great for this, sometimes I can’t figure out if I remember the event or just the photo of the event. Maybe it doesn’t matter if I enjoy the memory.

I am also remembering my attempts at photography way back then. This was taken with my first digital point and shoot. I loved the digital part because I didn’t have to worry about the cost of film and developing that had held me back with prior cameras. I didn’t know much about photography technique and it shows (even after some Lightroom adjustments), but I knew I wanted to capture interesting images that suggest a story. I like the suggested story behind this window.

I am smiling as I look at this and remember. I’m remembering me. I had confidence in my ability even though I didn’t have a lot of skill. I had vision and desire and excitement. I was frequently disappointed with results but that didn’t stop me – I am still working at getting that great shot that suggests a story or brings me pleasure. That hasn’t changed even though so much in my life has. It is comforting to know that I’m still me.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

  1. Windows are always interesting to me. And I love that particularly in southern Europe it always seems to be at least one window with a person standing in it in every village. This is great! 🙂


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