Fun Foto Challenge: Found in Nature

Cee is calling for photographs of things Found in Nature this week. Oh my goodness, this is impossible. Where do I begin when my files are filled with nature shots?

beach 009-2

You can scroll down my posts and see a lot of nature – but that also helps me decide. I’ve been doing the Everglades and the Botanical Gardens. Time for some “Nature by the Sea”.

beach 034

This Egret is hoping to find some nature-made breakfast in the surf nature is brewing.

beach 055

Sandpipers are the masters of dual tasking. They usually scurry around looking for little morsels in the surf but always have an eye on me so I can’t get close for that great shot. This one seems to be watching me but every so often would nab a bite to eat.

beach 001

I think this sign is meant for me not the birds living by the sea. Although it didn’t say anything about not eating the sea oats. Breakfast time.

30 thoughts on “Fun Foto Challenge: Found in Nature

  1. Great choices for the theme! I have enjoyed exploring your wonderful blog and will be back to see more. Your photos and texts are outstanding. Thank you so much for visiting my humble blog and deciding to follow.


    • Thanks, Jamie. I wish I could write poetry, and never though of visual poetry. This seems to be my morning for expanding my mind’s view of what I do. πŸ™‚


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