Beauty vs. Technical Quality

botanical gardens 043

This is in my file from my last visit to the Botanical Gardens. I didn’t post it earlier because it doesn’t have good technical quality – but every time I scan through the file I stop to look at it. I like it, really like it. It doesn’t show the detail of the butterfly wings but I like the angle. There is a sense of movement, of anticipation. Even though it isn’t as sharp as it should be, I like the gentleness.

When I post a photo I aim for the best technical quality I’m capable of, interesting composition, and aesthetic beauty. I guess if I can’t do it all, I prefer interesting composition and beauty. Good thing I’m taking photos for fun and not profit or I would be looking at pretty photos with an empty belly.

23 thoughts on “Beauty vs. Technical Quality

      • Have fun! We’re probably not headed south until late this afternoon. Planning an early dinner in Old Naples at our favorite Persian restaurant. For now, I’m going outside to see what interesting things the tide dragged in after that wind yesterday, though it’s been mostly smelly algae recently in FMB. Did you by chance see the whales? So sad.


        • Argh! Lost my comment twice before posting it….

          Restaurant is Baa Baa! Persian Bistro.

          While I would love to see whales in the wild sometime, once I heard they were dying, it seemed like it would be disrespectful to observe them in their distress. So sad to learn that 8 of them beached and died. Read this morning that they think the rest if the pod has left the shallow waters of the bay now.


    • Thanks, I appreciate your feedback so much. I know what I enjoy but it is affirming when others tell me what they see and like. You brightened my day. 🙂


    • Thanks, Julie. The butterfly was moving, and I wasn’t using a tripod. I have a monopod coming so I’m excited to see if it works for my walk around shootings. 🙂


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