Floral Friday

botanical gardens 006

One of the joys of living on the edge of the tropics are the orchids that grow in trees. They grow their roots around the tree and get nutrients from the rainwater that runs down, over bird droppings. The orchids in the lead photo are in front of the Naples Botanical Garden. There are lots of orchids growing in trees around the gardens and there is a story behind them.

botanical gardens 279

Someone approached the manager at the Publix grocery store close to the Botanical Gardens and asked if he could have the orchids that didn’t sell and were past blooming to give to the Botanical Gardens. The manager said to come back in a couple of weeks and that is how the gardens are increasing their orchids randomly growing on trees. It is a motivator to look up as I stroll, looking for those fun photo opportunities.

The Gardens have orchids in all colors for sale outside their welcome center.

I am excited because they are going to have a new orchid garden by the new welcome center that is under construction. Next year I will have a new area to explore on my weekly visits.

20 thoughts on “Floral Friday

  1. Like you Pat, I l-o-v-e orchids. There are an almost endless variety of them and each seems so different yet similar (and beautiful) from the others. And, the Naples Botanical Garden is such a terrific place and because of the humidity and how quickly things grow, it seems that there’s always something different to see, enjoy and photograph every week. I’m so pleased that you (and your camera) live nearby to share the sights.


    • There are some very talented botanists at the gardens and new gardens are being developed regularly. I have had the joy of watching some of the gardens mature which has been fun. I am still figuring out how to best capture so much of the beauty. And orchids are a real challenge for me.


  2. Beautifully exotic blooms to brighten my day as well as yours Pat πŸ™‚
    I bought a white orchid way before Christmas and can’t quite believe
    a) why I’ve never bought one before πŸ™‚
    b) how well it is surviving in our cool house
    Sounds like you are having a such a lovely time Pat .


    • Cut it back after it blooms and sit it in a sunny place outdoors and I bet it will rebloom next year. They don’t take much water and don’t like wet feet. All that free advise from a non-expert! πŸ˜€


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