Fun Foto Challenge: Man Made

One of the gardens at the Naples Botanical Gardens is a Florida Garden. In the Florida Garden is a pavilion that has a new hair do.

botanical gardens 160

The roof was recently re-thatched and one of the friendly volunteers was telling me how it smelled like a barn. I know that smell, so I had to check it out. Besides, I was headed for the chairs under the pavilion because I was getting tired and needed a rest.

botanical gardens 158

It did smell like a barn and it was fun looking at how neat the construction is on the underside.

botanical gardens 163

It didn’t take me long, however, to realize that this man-made structure is an integral part of the garden around it; I soon forgot that I was in something made by a person. This is a functional structure from which to enjoy the nature-made beauty just beyond the thatch fringe.

botanical gardens 165To see more man-made things give Cee a visit at:

10 thoughts on “Fun Foto Challenge: Man Made

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    • Yes it is, and it was especially nice because the humidity was really high and I had stopped enjoying what I was doing. The break got me centered so I could get lost again. 🙂


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