Travel Theme: Illuminate

I went to the beach this morning, for the first time since flying back to Florida. Prior to  today the sun’s rays were blocked by clouds; there wasn’t good morning sun to illuminate the sky and water, the sand and shells, palms and grasses, birds and people. Of course my eyes see because of illumination, but my hearing also directs my sight. As I was walking down the path towards the beach I heard the crash of breaking waves. How surprised I was to see the gentle curves of blue water edged with white foam, sparkling in the sun’s illumination.

beach 012

There were waves, not big ones, but they broke close to the water’s edge. Sometimes the shape of the shore caused the water to churn, with many surfaces and curves to catch the sun’s illumination. I sat and watched and waited as wave after wave broke, each catching the sun in a different way. I also scanned the horizon, some sky with clouds other areas clear. The water was different colors as I looked from south to north, different areas picking up the reflections and illumination from different parts of the sky.

beach 102

How wonderful to have the time and eyes and heart to see how the sun illuminates all that is around us. There is an ever-changing illumination that leads to ever-changing beauty. As I repeatedly look at the familiar, I see unfamiliar beauty. I see it over and over for the very first time.

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22 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Illuminate

  1. You’ve caught a gorgeous silky double cream tumbling rolling over moment there Pat 🙂
    Oh wish I was near the beach today … nothing but blown out grey skies here :-/
    Glad you are having such a great time .


    • You described it right on. 😀 We have had a lot of grey too. There have been years when (I hate to say it) I have become bored with the constantly blue skies. Grey skies here aren’t as mind numbing because there is green and lots of flowers all year.


  2. la luce è il dono che ci permette di dare un senso alla vita, la trovo molto intensa in queste incantevoli immagini

    light is the gift that allows us to give a meaning to life, I find it very intense in these lovely pictures


    • My pleasure, Jamie. It is always fun to share these wonderful centering moments with others. Although I enjoy the actual experience most when I am by myself.


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