Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Homer 186

My first week in southern Florida has been frustrating. I feel grounded from my camera because of days of grey skies. When I was in Michigan it was the very cold weather that had us inside. Solution: dig up some photos of summer barns, one of my favorite subjects to photograph in Michigan. These out-of-plumb windows reflect how I feel when I and my camera are grounded.

I also enjoy photographing windows so couldn’t resist this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows.

40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

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  2. Pat, this is a great window photo. I like it a LOT! I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, too. Of course, it’s mostly a black and white world outside our windows. Enjoying looking at your color.


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    • Thanks, RoSy. You are so sweet. You are making me confess that I don’t have a cell phone that takes photos. (head hung with shame) My husbands tablet takes photos but I don’t think we have done any with it.


  9. I saw this challenge and immediately thought of you! Luckily you’ve got loads of windows in the archives since you’re not inspired under the cloudy skies πŸ™‚


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