Travel Theme: Possibilities

botanical 017

Most people see this bud as representing the possibility of the bloom to come. It has a more personal meaning when I look at it – because I was there and I remember what I was thinking.

Patience isn’t one of my virtues, and this character flaw is a problem for my photography. I knew this bud had possibilities, and I knew that it wouldn’t take long for it to unfurl. All I had to do was wait. All I had to do was sit and enjoy the morning, lose myself in the gentle reflection on the water’s surface, study the plants in this unfamiliar environment, enjoy the breeze and the sun. Β Oh the possibilities that were lost, all because I lack patience. I chose instead to snapped this photo, of this bud that is so full of possibility. I never saw the flower within, because I didn’t slow down and wait.

Ailsa did a great job of portraying possibilities. There are also lots of folks who took up her challenge, and you can find their links in the comments. I’m a little late on this one so I guess I’m also guilty of procrastination. Please don’t use that word in the future, Ailsa. How about paths or fences?

28 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Possibilities

    • Thanks, Jamie. Obviously I thought the bud had beauty or I wouldn’t have been drawn to it, and would have waited for the flower. I have always found an excitement of beauty in buds, it is only as I have matured in age that I am equally drawn to the beauty of the mature flower. Interesting.


  1. I see the possibilities here. In fact, maybe your “lack of patience” is a gift in disguise in this case because we needed to see the bud just like this. It’s beautiful. Just as it is.


  2. I see your thoughts out in typed words here and I think. Wow! Is beauty, potential, and doneness a specific point in time or in progress?!? Nope, not to me. I suppose you do know what your expectations and wishes for an image or an occurance during your foray but, is potential or beauty a predetermined thing? I love this image. Just look at all of the life giving veins on the outside that show movement of all of the elements combined so that it exists and so that it functions!!


    • Thanks for your reflections, Elisa. I really did see the beauty in these buds, even while I was thinking that it would be good to sit and wait. I agree with all that you say. After reading your words I think that the reflection even expresses the beauty and potential of this bud.


  3. This is a good post, well, at least maybe it would have been if I hadn’t been to impatient to actually read it.—–Just kidding, just trying to get a smile out of ya.


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