A is for Artist

botanical garden 100

Naples has a very active artist community and I saw this one during my Tuesday morning walks around the Botanical Gardens last November. The first week, I saw him when I was at the end of my endurance so I stayed at a distance, sitting on a bench for a few minutes to watch him work. He must have sensed me because he glanced over his shoulder, but had to go back to securing his canvas in the stiff breeze.

The next week, my agenda took me past him and I stopped to look. He said hi and asked if he had seen me last week. We chatted a few minutes. We both go on Tuesday because of the hour earlier opening to take advantage of better light.

The next week he had moved to a new location and when we saw each other I waved. I think I have a new friend and I’m eager to see if this artist is still painting in the Botanical Gardens – as soon as we have a warm and sunny Tuesday morning.

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