Ed, over at Sunday Stills, has given the word “bridges” for this week. I love bridges because of the engineering involved in building them,

Lake Michigan 025

I feel a sense of excitement when I go over big bridges, like the Big Mac between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. I did a previous post that you can read here about the building of this bridge and its importance.

We saw a lot of steal bridges when we were on our 5-week trip to the Great Northwest last summer. J was really intrigued with these so I took several photos for him. I hope these photos brings back fun memories for you, sweetheart.

Oregon lighthouse 009Oregon 002


I also like small foot bridges. They beckon me to walk across. I stop midway, and feel a different kind of excitement – a feeling of expectation although I’m not sure what event I’m looking for; but I know it will be, well, romantic.

Dahlem 020

I don’t ever want to lose romance in my life, so let’s build more foot bridges.

24 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. I remember going over the Big Mac 50 years ago with my family. We saw a movie that detailed the construction; I still think about that today. Thanks for sharing.

    Tom The Backroads Traveller


    • My pleasure, Tom. I have ridden and driven over that bridge so many times, and it still thrills me as much as the first time. I think a part of it is knowing that the straights are deep and we are passing into the wild “north”. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and especially for leaving the comment on your experience.


    • I agree, RoSy. I have taken so many photographs of bridges that didn’t show what I saw – and consequently got canned. This post is helping me realize that what I want to photograph is the personality of the bridge. Funny. 🙂 Are you staying warm? We have the heat on. 😦


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