White But Not Snow

Our son just sent a photo taken after he cleared a foot of snow from our driveway. There was a lot of white in that one, but you can bet most everything you own that with the cold temps I wouldn’t be out taking photos of that kind of white. I had dreams of taking lots of snow photos while I was north for 5 weeks. Nature cooperated with many snowy days but I had forgotten that snow doesn’t come in 70 degree weather. I’ll leave that pleasure to all of you younger folks in the northern half of the US and will look forward to seeing them.

In the meantime, here is a white that I didn’t have to freeze my nose and fingers to take. I consider it my duty to post photos of sunshine for all my friends who have to endure the grey skies in Michigan and the Northwest coastal areas.

botanical gardens 132

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22 thoughts on “White But Not Snow

  1. Yes, being a snowbird if ya gotta, but being where the pretty flowers can grow in January is nice. I have lived north, I have lived south, I compromised, I live in the middle now. It’s not Florida, but it isn’t to bad, usually.


    • I have a couple of cousins who have chosen to live in Tenn. to get away from the winter. It looks like they are getting hit pretty hard this week. It has gotten cold even in southern Florida. Thanks for visiting and especially for commenting.


  2. What a beautiful shot of white. I can almost smell it. We’re living in a world of white around here, for sure, although there’s rumors that southern Michigan has been getting more snow recently. My parents are back in Florida for the winter and soaking up the warmth, although the temps seem to be going up and down even there.


    • Yes, I was sitting by the open sliding door and I felt the temp. drop drastically in just a few minutes. Now the door is closed and I am cooking supper in the oven to give us a little warmth. 😀 Thanks for your comment, Kathy.


  3. Your version is so much more inviting than our version today 🙂 However, my family in southern Ohio are currently suffering colder temps and windchills than we are up near Traverse City, so I shant complain too loudly 😉


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