Two Winter Barns

winter woods 075

I’m happy to be back in Michigan so I can go on photo shoots with friend Julie. This past Friday she picked me up and we went less than a mile down the road to the suburban farm of one of Julie’s friends. I dressed warmly but, gosh it’s cold in Michigan in the winter. We had a great time and I’ll post more photographs later – but my favorite shots are of these barns.

These are the barns we explored last summer when we photographed the one-room school turned house. You can read that story here. The driveway to the farm we were visiting last week gave us a great vantage point for taking these barns together. And the red really brightens the winter landscape. How could I resist?

21 thoughts on “Two Winter Barns

  1. The barns are wonderful, Pat. Glad to hear you’re visiting Michigan! (Lower Michigan, yes?) I always enjoy seeing the many barns down there. And am sad to think that so many of them are disappearing. 😦


    • Our primary residence is in lower Michigan and we spend winters in Florida – coming home for the holidays. I miss the barns and farms and woods and fresh water lakes when I am south.


  2. You had my attention at the word ‘barn.’ I love old barns and grew up exploring one and am thrilled to say we have one now that was built in 1840 that my grandchildren can explore. If only they could tell us their stories. Great shot and enjoy your trip to the north. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Judy. Maybe we can get some more winter barns before I go back south. πŸ™‚ Friends when I was young lived on farms and I loved playing in the barns.


    • Thanks, Sheryl. I didn’t leave the house today and it was so nice. Had fun putting decorations on the tree and wrapping presents. I hope your week-end is going well.


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