Black & White Cottage


Usually I like how color enhances the interest of photographs, at least mine. I have seen black and white images done by others that are striking, that I spend time exploring. In fact I have envied people who do good black and white. Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week focusing on buildings motivated me to see if I could produce a B&W that I like.

Yesterday in Michigan was one of those days where everything is a medium shade of grey so I went to my archive of architecture photos. This one is from somewhere in the Republic of Ireland and I have lingered over it every time I have browsed this folder. Turning it into black and white made it more dramatic and intriguing. I’m excited about it.

Going through my folders of buildings to see what they look like with different black and white filters increased my ability to think in black and white for future shootings. I processed it in Lightroom, choosing the yellow filter and tweaking it to bring out the contrast in the clouds. I think I will always prefer color but I sometimes like working outside my preference box. Thanks, Cee, for the encouragement and tips.

22 thoughts on “Black & White Cottage

  1. I’m thrilled you got inspired to try black and white. I’ve learned a lot of cool post processing tricks. Your shot of this building is wonderful!!! Keep it up. Thanks for playing and for this nice post.


    • Thanks, Chrisstov. Because doing B&W is a little outside my comfort zone (and taste), I really appreciate your comment. I may grow into it. πŸ™‚


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