Rest a Spell with Me

Given the subtropical location of the botanical gardens in Naples Florida, there is a huge variety of plants that can be grown. The gardens featured are from different parts of the world between 26th latitude north and 26 latitude south. As I am getting used to the foliage that is so different than what I am used to in the northern Midwest, I am gaining a greater appreciation of the variety of color and texture. Every time I visit I see things that I didn’t see before, sometimes because of new plantings but more often because I am better able to see what is before me.

botanical garden 243

The people who designed the different gardens have done a beautiful job of incorporating seating that allows me to stop and rest and sometimes chat with the volunteers. These rest stops afford me the opportunity to see the plantings, architectural structures, and sculptures from a different perspective and to experience the ambiance of each unique garden. I feel transported in space to far-away places.

Come with me to enjoy a few minutes of peace and rest. We can quietly sit and take in the sound of a water fall and bird calls while we feel dappled sun on our skin. Best of all we can experience the joy of the lush foliage and beautiful flowers around us. Maybe we will even share some thoughts and chuckles. I’ll let you choose which resting place suits your fancy.



12 thoughts on “Rest a Spell with Me

  1. What a big change this must be for you (Florida vs. midwest), Pat, but how much fun it must be to explore all of the new things. Hmmm, now my favorite resting place here? It would have to be Under the Thai Pavilion. Just perfect for me.


    • I spent the most time there so it must be my favorite, too. I was afraid to get into the hammock – well actually I was afraid of having to get out. 😀 It is a big change. We are snow birds so it is a change every time we switch locations – but the northern Midwest hits that familiar place inside. Thanks for the fun comment, Lisa.


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