Botanical Gardens: Butterflies

I do believe there were as many butterflies flying freely in the Children’s Garden as there were in the butterfly house yesterday at the Naples Botanical Garden. I get a lot of satisfaction from getting good images of butterflies flying freely because they don’t like people getting too close and they flit around a lot. Yesterday was a fun butterfly day – here are my favorites.

botanical garden 206 botanical garden 213 botanical garden 196

11 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens: Butterflies

    • It is frustrating in a funny way that I see a butterfly but when I look through my lens it isn’t there. Kind of a vanishing act. That day there were a lot of them so that made it easier. But it still took a long time. 🙂


    • And it seems like that is what life calls each of us to do. To become soaring creations of God. Not always easy when our feet are mired in the mud and clay of everyday life. Thanks for the comment, Julie.


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