Botanical Gardens: Butterflies

I was excited about going to the botanical gardens this morning. They open at 8:00 on Tuesday which makes it really nice – there aren’t many people and the sun is still low in the sky. This week I took a different lens to allow me to capture the gardens from a different perspective. I flashed my card in the welcome center, walked past the beautiful orchids for sale, and headed down one of the many paths. I went to take a photo and discovered my battery was dead. I must have left the camera on after I downloaded photos from the beach. And at home on the coffee table was my back-up battery, that I hadn’t charged. Oops.

I was there so spent two hours exploring new areas and areas I haven’t been to this fall. I have both batteries charged and have some great ideas for next Tuesday’s morning shoot. In the mean time here are some butterflies from last Tuesday. You can click on any of the images to see it up close and personal.

18 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens: Butterflies

    • Funny – especially if they depended on me to keep charged. I thought that maybe I should have another one but then I would have had three uncharged ones. Miss you bunches.


    • I find them so much fun to photograph. And they are a bit easier to capture when they are already captured. These have the good fortune of living in a place that is full of beautiful nectar producing flowers. 🙂


    • Either that or I made the most of it. I actually enjoyed walking around mentally framing shots and enjoying the environment. They have many beautiful little rooms with chairs and benches to sit and enjoy. I think I’ll take photos of benches in their special settings. Wishing you a good night’s sleep tonight. 🙂


    • That was my thought. It is so nice to be able to return every week to redo things that didn’t work and try new things. Thank you for all your “likes” and your friendship. Have a good night!


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