At the Beach – Sandpipers

I spent some time at the beach in the early morning sun to get some images of sandpipers. I have a special place on the wall and will have a metallic print made. Here is a gallery of my favorite photos. I would appreciate feedback if you think one is especially well composed or interesting.

20 thoughts on “At the Beach – Sandpipers

  1. I saw your title and was going to ask if you’d found your photo – presuming you didn’t opt for the crab 😉

    I really like the line of three for the composition. I like the trio where the two are looking at the one with its head underwater because it’s amusing and a bit different. But #127 and #229 are good because they show fairly typical behavior and they fill the frame well.
    For what it’s worth, if you’re having a hard time choosing, you’d probably be happy with any of them 😉 But, when I can’t decide, I have my husband kind of force a choice upon me. If I react strongly at all to his choice, then I know I secretly had a preference. Did my suggestions generate any internal struggles?


    • You are right on with my assessment. I like the trio because of the interest but I think it will be 127 or 229. I am also giving my husband a say – but reserving the final decision as my own. We do think alike, friend. 🙂


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