At the Beach

I went to the beach this morning to see if I could get some shots of sandpipers; I want to enlarge a photo of sandpipers for my livingroom. Didn’t accomplish that goal but there will be lots of morning walks on the beach to come.

I met a new critter, however. I’m trying to decide if he is really brave or not very bright.

beach 063

beach 060

The city is replacing sand on the beach and is trucking it in instead of mining it from offshore and shooting it onto the beach. This little guy was playing in the tire tracks of the big boy beach toys that were going up and down the beach, carrying sand from where it is brought onto the beach to where they are currently spreading it.

beach 028

beach 065

When I left the beach he had missed the tires by about 6 inches. My husband asked me if I picked him up and moved him to safety. Right!

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