Trestle Revisited

Friend Julie and I went on our weekly photo shoot with our primary aim being a visit to the trestle, sans mosquitoes. I did a post about our first visit here.

barns 228

Our goal was to be able to spend some time exploring around the trestle and to take more photos. Julie was able to do this and posted a great story and photos here. I, unfortunately, had developed very severe foot pain throughout the morning and couldn’t move away from the car. I wish I could say, with honesty, that I overcame the pain to do what I needed to do to get the shots. I did get out of the car, hobbled the few feet to the trestle, and took some shots balancing on my right leg. I also learned I can use my car to get myself in position to frame my shots.

barns 199

In the following days as I was editing my photos, I was disappointed that I had not been able to move around to frame that magic photograph that would knock your socks off. Then I picked up Freeman Patterson’s Photography of Natural Things to reread. He got me thinking about the photos I did take – which one were worth keeping and which ones to delete. His books seem to have a lot to offer as I am developing my style. His thoughts about the importance of understanding the ecosystem of nature, that everything in the environment is interconnected, helped view my photographs differently. Patterson helped me think of how this unique setting impacts on how I think about the trestle. The trestle would be very different in any other setting. I decided on these two images because I want to show the mystical way the trestle and nature are becoming one and how this setting makes the trestle special.

I’ll look forward to going back next year to record changes that take place over the winter.

5 thoughts on “Trestle Revisited

  1. I love your pics. And absolutely love how you turned foot pain(yes, oh, I sympathize with you on that one) into an opportunity to learn and develop your style.
    Mind you, I love your style already!


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