My Dot on the Map: Simple Beauty

fall 075

If you listen really hard, you will hear an owl hooting in the distance.

When I returned to lower Michigan after 5 weeks traveling through the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest, I was fearful. I thought I would be bored and disappointed when I took my camera out to photograph my dot on the map. Not so, folks.

morning 078

Are they glowing just for me?

I went out one morning last week, and again one evening with my foto friend, Julie. I found more simple beauty than I’ll ever be able to capture. On our way home from visiting granddaughters last night I passed by hundreds of beautiful frames glowing in the evening sun. How could I ever get bored?

morning 086

Can there be beauty in a utility right-of-way?

Do I see this beauty simply because I know it and love it? Maybe.

morning 076

If there is beauty in the woods but no one to see it, does it not exist?

The greatest sorrow would come from not seeing what is there for me to behold. I think I can see the beauty with my lens because I know the heady scents, recognize the sweet sounds, and feel the sun and breeze against my bare skin. I know each season intimately.

morning 091

I didn’t capture the choir of birds just beyond the cattails.

I hope I never grow tired of that which is so much a part of me. I will continue to travel to places of great beauty but always want to return to the dot on the map I call home.

You can find similar sentiment at “the hour of soft light“.


20 thoughts on “My Dot on the Map: Simple Beauty

  1. Such a tiny dot on the map but such a mighty dot in your heart , I know the feeling Pat .
    Autumn comes with brightness . Always.


  2. amen to that … I love to get back to our beach, all the sounds, scents and familiar sights are so comforting and joyful, when we see beauty we can see it anywhere but nowhere more than ‘home’ πŸ™‚


    • I love the phrase, too. It is just the byline I use when I use photos taken close to home. I’d love to see some posts from your dot on the map. πŸ™‚


      • Oh, I have a bunch of ’em on my other blog, Lovin the Trip – which I’ve been seriously considering closing down (along with the “Don’t Carry the Donkey!” one). But my dot moved, so now I gotta start all over again. πŸ˜†


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