Lingering Look at Windows

fall 132

I have a confession to make. I love walking down the street and looking in lighted windows at dusk. I get a touch of “homesickness” at dusk – a desire to be home with family around the supper table with good smells in the air. I also have always had a curiosity about how other people live their lives so maybe I hope to see glimpses of family life within windows. Windows give us a peek at what goes on behind closed door. Of course I have never seen anything interesting because I don’t set up my lawn chair and stare – just a quick glimpse as I go by.

This photo was taken at a business close to where we were trying to get some fall color shots on our weekly photo shoot. Not much of interest inside here either – but the sign in the window got my quirky imagination going.

Dawn also likes windows so she hosts the Thursday Lingering Look at Windows. You can see her windows this week and find a link to learn more by visiting:

27 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows

  1. I also am a total voyeur and when I ride my bike or walk at night I always slow down for a glimpse. Especially like to see the way some folks paint their walls with color. If I lived in a high rise I would definitely have a telescope : )


  2. The window is wonderful. It shows longevity. Then you see the sign and it changes everything! It has always been interesting to glance into windows. Glad to know there are others out there.


  3. I’m on your page with the curiosity and wish to take a peek through the window! Love the somewhat dilapidated window here, and the light! Great! πŸ™‚


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