Mt. Rainier

mt rainier 016

I was so moved by the beauty of Mt. Rainier when we visited that I posted a few photos immediately; if you missed them you can check it out here. Mt. Rainier put on a beautiful show for us so it is easy to forget the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. We decided to drive the loop to Paradise because we were told there is a very nice restaurant at the lodge. We had prepared simple on-the-road meals each night and we had an occasional meal out. I was ready for a really nice dinner. We weren’t disappointed with the wonderful food on the Sunday Brunch buffet at the Paradise Inn.

mt rainier 150

The drive up to Paradise is very beautiful with glimpses of Mt. Rainier, but as with so many things in life, the star of the show is made more beautiful by the support of everything around it. It is time to give credit to the supporting actors of mountains a valleys in Mt. Rainier National Park.


25 thoughts on “Mt. Rainier

  1. Gorgeous Pat. It’s a shame that all the national parks, like Mt Ranier and our go to park, Shenandoah Natl Park, are closed because of the federal shutdown.



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