Cow Girl

Jan is a wonderful writer I read daily but she nailed it on this one. No matter what your political persuasion you will appreciate this post if you are tired of what is going on in Washington.

Red's Wrap

girl and cow

I took this picture of a girl and her cow at State Fair a couple of years ago. It’s a precious photo, something that could only be used once in a blog post and then for just the right topic. One doesn’t want to take a photo like this lightly; just post it for fun. Clearly, there’s something meaningful here.

What impresses me about the photo is that the girl obviously has gone to sleep next to a massive cow. She must trust the cow not to roll over and squash her or stand up and put a hoof print in her back. She appears to be comfortable and relaxed, tired from taking care of the cow and doing all the things 4-H kids do at State Fair. It might be a teenage thing, raising livestock to show at the Fair, but it’s a high pressure enterprise.

So what do…

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