Good Morning from My Dot on the Map

I’m usually not out the door before sunrise – not since I retired. It feels good to stay in bed a little longer but I miss those early morning drives through the country on my way to work. Early morning is such a beautiful time of day.

orchard 005

Thursday morning I was picking Julie up for our weekly photo safari. While I was gone I missed the time we spend together, in quiet places, taking photographs. I take the route to Julie’s that I used to take to work and I smile a lot along the way. This morning when I was just about to William’s Dairy Farm, the sun was just about to come through the foggy mist rising off Lime Lake. In the few seconds it took me to pull over and get out of the car, the best moments had passed but the photo above isn’t too shabby.

orchard 008

There was more beautiful light, on corn stubble, when I turned around to get in my car. Isn’t it amazing how beautiful the ordinary can be?

Good morning to you all and I hope you find lots of beauty in the ordinary.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning from My Dot on the Map

  1. I don’t post to your blog as often as I look at it – not even close. But what you say and the images you capture often touch my heart. Thanks for making the ordinary extraordinary.


  2. Beautiful sentiments!! I wish I could enjoy these lovely autumn mornings (with all the attendant colours of sunrise), but a working life and getting self to work and kid ready for school leaves little time :(.


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