Lunch on a Log

I missed a couple of Frizz’s letters because my mind was on traveling through the Northwest and I really struggled with “L”. I’m late on this one but I find it fun to be creative. What is better than having lunch on a log…

crater lake 298

while sitting on the volcanic rim of Crater Lake with this view!

crater lake 296

To see more “L’s” and maybe even a few early “M’s”, mosey on over to Frizz’s blog at:

12 thoughts on “Lunch on a Log

  1. Stunning photo Pat . All those beautiful layers of clour reaching to the mountain peak .
    All is calm … but the reflection has a surreal sense of movement of the cliffside slippery sliding into the lake .


    • Thanks for your great comment. We were on a cliff on our side of the crater also. At one point the log moved a little and I startled with the thought that it might be sliding over the edge with me along. πŸ™‚


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