Deserted in South Dakota

south dakota 075


18 thoughts on “Deserted in South Dakota

  1. I wonder what stories this house could tell? I’ve never so seen abandoned houses anywhere, as I’ve seen on road trips around the USA. I always wonder who owns the land, and why the inhabitants just upped sticks and left.


    • The abandoned houses we saw on the prairie were the most intriguing for me. We have seen a lot of abandoned houses with this last economic downturn and the mortgage problems so we understand those. But I too wonder about the stories of old abandoned houses.


      • We’ve driven past the same really beautiful abandoned house on M-77 in the U.P. for the past 15 years and watched it slowly cave in. Until just recently, I thought someone could save that house, why doesn’t someone do that? Now it’s on its death track. Takes a long time, though. It wasn’t worth saving to anyone. You have to wonder why.


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