Down on the (Wind) Farm


We left Crater Lake and drove north to Washington on two-lane US highways. This is very diverse land, moving back and forth between rich farm lands and more barren land used for horse grazing. In north-central Oregon there was a lot of “wind-farming.” There are hundreds of windmills going as far as the eye can see..


9 thoughts on “Down on the (Wind) Farm

  1. I love them. There are a lot in Northern Germany, but they are lined up, maybe three deep, for miles and miles along the coast. Not spread out in square acreage like in this picture.


    • Probably okay because it is along the Columbia River, not on their grazing land and just east of Portland so it powers that city. Do you know why people oppose wind power generation?


    • I do too, Rob. There was one place where it looked like they were performing a ballet. I have heard some anti-sentiment about them but don’t understand the reasoning. Thanks for visiting.


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