Exploring Langley

We love driving back roads and exploring small towns, so yesterday we explored the southern end of Whitbey Island. Our only rule was that we avoid the main north-south highway that is very busy this Labor Day weekend. We also avoid towns with too many cars and people. The highlight of the trip was walking around Langley, eating creamy, rich fudge and cold, creamy gelato. There goes the diet but here comes the pics. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Exploring Langley

    • The dog was amazing. I could feel his desire to follow his master but he never moved except to look at me. And his tail was going the whole time. It was one of those scenes that begged to be photographed.


  1. Love the diversity of these, Pat. The peeling timber on the boat builders and the butterfly perched on the sunflower petal are two of my favourites! You must have thoroughly enjoyed your stroll around… πŸ™‚


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