Did you see that Moose?

I want to get a photograph of a moose. In fact I wanted to get a photo of a moose when we were in Newfoundland last year and road signs were warning us of the dangers of moose related accidents. I saw a couple but not at a time when I had my camera in hand.

A couple of nights ago we stayed at a nice campground on highway 20 just east of the Cascade Mountains. While I was fixing supper a moose was bellowing a ways up the stream. My heart skipped a beat – must be something about the raw sex of a horny moose. He continued to bellow throughout the evening and well past the time I wanted to sleep. By then my attraction was turning to irritation.

In the morning I walked over by the stream and heard him and his horny song right across the stream from where I was standing. I looked real hard, hoping he would come out for a drink. Cascades 009

Do you see him? Look real hard. Neither did I. Guess we will just have to use our IMAGINATIONS until I get my photograph of a real one. In the meantime, this will be my contribution to Frizz’s walk through the alphabet. This week is the letter “i” – which is for imagination.

13 thoughts on “Did you see that Moose?

  1. We have made numerous trip to Vermont and there are signs everywhere warning you about Moose but we have never seen a moose in Vermont. We did see one in New Hampshire and took a picture but since it was almost dark – all that came out was his eye. Last year we went to Maine and went on a Moose safari and saw two moose and got some pictures. Then a few days later we went to Baxter State Park and on the way driving out of the park a moose walked across the road. We had to quick scramble for the camera but did manage to get a couple of photos before he wandered off. So hang in there – you will get your moose shot one day


    • That is right where I thought he was, but I guess your eyes are better than mine. I know you have the variety right! 😀 I really did hear him, though.


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