Date Night at Glacier Park

date night 003

Once a week, usually, we go out to eat and it is called date night. It actually started a long, long time ago when we had three kids at home, I was in graduate school, and hubby was working long hours. We had a standing date, on Thursdays, to go out to eat, just the two of us, every week. It didn’t have to be a fancy restaurant and we couldn’t spend much money because we didn’t have much. But we wanted to keep in touch so we wouldn’t forget why we had fallen in love.

We got married young, around 20, and still had a lot of maturing to do. We needed to change as we worked our jobs, had our babies, and I went back to school. Hubby was told by some of his co-workers that I would leave him as soon as I got my degree. It wasn’t my plan, but it scared us anyway. I didn’t want to wake up one morning, look at each other, and realize that we were strangers living together, strangers who didn’t like each other any more.

We do still like each other and are still going out for date night. We still enjoy being together and have a lot of fun. Last night we decided it was date night to celebrate our last night at Glacier Park. We drove down the road to St. Mary to see what was available. St. Mary is small, not very touristy in spite of the fact that it is full of tourists. It didn’t take long to explore our options; the lodge, a somewhat dumpy looking bar, and the little place with lots of cars around it. That is where we went.

I had a bison burger, hubby a beef burger, and we both were naughty and had fries. It was so busy that we sat at the counter and that provided our entertainment as we watched the cooks and servers do their jobs. We also got to know each other a little better and confirmed that we still like each other – even more than before. As Paul Simon sang, “Still Crazy After all These Years.”

The best part of the evening was sharing a piece of razzleberry pie ala mode. Well almost the best part.

22 thoughts on “Date Night at Glacier Park

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    • How sweet of you to wish us more. It is our wish also but we treat each day as if it could be our last together because we are of that certain age. 🙂


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