Montana Wheat

Rudyard, Montana

Rudyard, Montana

There are lots of small towns along Highway 2 going across the north of Montana and we knew we were coming upon one because we could see a water tower and grain elevators. Of course we also knew it was a town because it wasn’t a wheat field. There are only these two things.


Running next to the road is always a railroad bed and it is highly used – at least at this time of year. New, modern grain elevators have been built on the edge of towns and sometimes between towns. There was a constant stream of trucks carrying grain from the fields to the elevators and very long (4-locomotive long) trains taking on and moving grain.

There is a beauty to seeing how humans find a way to use the land and develop technology to be productive. Every mile or so there is a small cluster of trees that indicated a homestead. There is a house and outbuildings, a garden and orchard. I could feel the pride of land and the strength of the people who live here. I wanted to give a knock on their back door and have a cup of coffee with them at their kitchen table, but they would be working and I would be interrupting.

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    • My pleasure, RoSy. As I travel I think of stories and photographs and then like to use them while they are fresh. Luckily we have internet service we can take with us. Our phone is dead but internet isn’t – just the way I like it. πŸ™‚


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