G is for Golden

Rail yard 018

Goodness gracious, we are all the way up to “G”. Yesterday I was out early and it was a glorious morning. The sky was a clear blue, the air was cool, and the sun was just peaking through the trees. The late summer corn fields glowed a golden yellow as the sun skimmed across their tasseled tops. A mist rose from the wetlands beyond this field and beyond that, mist was floating up from Lime Lake.

Rail yard 035

I lingered, taking several photos of the corn field as I was awed by the beauty of the moment that flooded all my senses. I turned to see the golden sun hitting the mist as it shined through the trees. Sometimes there are just too many photos to be taken and not enough time. Slow down sun, my morning stiff body can’t seem to keep up.

There are a lot more Gs floating around the internet this week and to catch a few for yourself visit Frizz at:


3 thoughts on “G is for Golden

    • I’m glad I awakened a good memory. The corn is very tall this year, probably because we got heat and rain at the right times. Thanks for the comment, Charlie.


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