One Scene, Two Stories

The title I chose relates to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week of One Shot, Two Ways. Jeff Sinon had written a great post on when to use landscape and portrait photography to best portray what we want to tell. This week’s photo challenge is to demonstrate what we learned from Jeff’s post. Great fun!

Friend Julie and I ended up in Blissfield Michigan for lunch during our weekly photo safari this week. Blissfield happened to be a stop on the Erie & Kalamazoo Railroad, which was the first railroad west of the Allegheny Mountains to use steam locomotives in 1837. The historical marker says that if the locomotive ran out of wood or water, the passengers had to scour the country side for more. What was I saying in an earlier post about the good old days?

The railway platform is still standing and maintained, and made for a wonderful photo opportunity. Here are two of my images, one taken with landscape and the other portrait. It seems that both are very nice photos but each suggests a very different story as they portray the vision of a traveler.

Blissfield 112Blissfield 145

What fun it is to do photography to tell the story of others who have walked in this place at another time, under different circumstances. One of the tools we have available to us in telling these stories with photography is whether we use landscape or portrait. I agree with Jeff, that neither is right but it depends on the subject matter and what we want to accomplish.

If you want more examples of this, or think you have a good example, visit the follow site for more information.


16 thoughts on “One Scene, Two Stories

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  4. Excellent use of the two formats! I had a real nostalgia moment reading this post, and it’s given me an idea, need to hunt through the archives – I’m not off the starting blocks yet! πŸ™‚


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