Lingering Look at Windows: Barn

This week’s photo safari with Julie wasn’t going too well because the predicted partly cloudy skies were heavy clouds with lots of humidity. Our bones felt it and nothing was catching our interest. We decided to salvage the day with a drive to Blissfield, down toward Toledo, to have a nice lunch at the Carriage House behind the Hathaway House. We had a great meal – and noticed a barn down the street that looked interesting. It turned out to be a good day – with good conversation.

Blissfield 134Blissfield 136


    • And there is always next week’s outing. 🙂 This barn was a fun shoot and there was also a nice rail station close by that I will do soon. Thanks for visiting, Rod.


    • Thanks. I like the second one, but posted the first photo to show the context. These are such interesting windows on this barn. I like the lines of the first one. I appreciate your visit and comment.


        • Thanks, there are a lot of them at my dot on the map and I sometimes wonder if I do too many – but then I find another one that has some unique features and I give in to the call. 🙂


        • No way!! There is a story and character with each one. I am going to Amish Country today, I’ll try to find one just for you!

          It’s your theme, no? I would like a theme but I have not figured it out yet!


        • My theme is whatever I comes out of my creative juices. Sometimes flowers, sometimes words, sometimes barns. I think you will do best to just be your curious self and let the subject pop up where it will.


    • Thanks, Sue. There are so many interesting barns in our area – and then we start traveling and there are whole new varieties of barns that call to me. It has really surprised me how many people love photographs of barns.


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